When will the Covid-19 pandemic end in Brazil? Doctor Gonzalo Vecina gives his opinion

Guest of the bench of the Journal of Culture of last Friday (31), the sanitary doctor Gonzalo Vecina Neto commented on expectations for the advancement of vaccination against Covid-19 in Brazil and in the world.

According to him, there is no “end of the pandemic in Brazil”. “Either there is an end in the world, or there isn’t in Brazil. We have to collaborate with the world to end the pandemic”, stated Vecina.

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The doctor said that the vaccination cycle in the country should end around March and April 2022, with a view to vaccinating children and applying booster doses. When that happens, he recommended the targeting immunization agents to other countries.

“This includes countries in Africa, South America, among others. Solidarity alone will ensure that we have the pandemic under control, because these countries do not have the money to compare vaccines and are not able to apply them”, said Vecina.

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Covid19 pandemic Brazil Doctor Gonzalo Vecina opinion

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