Ship with more than 4,000 people on board and 52 positive cases in the port of Lisbon – News

According to captain Vieira Branco, in statements to Lusa, the cruise ship arrived in Lisbon on December 29, with 4,197 people on board, including 1,353 crew and 2,844 passengers, of various nationalities, mostly German.

The same source stated that the health authorities, after carrying out the necessary procedures, authorized the passengers and crew not infected, and who were still on board, to leave the cruise ship.

Authorization was also given for the vessel to leave the port of Lisbon, but the shipowner chose to stay until January 2nd.

As reported to Lusa by the captain of the Port of Lisbon, on the day of arrival in Lisbon, and by legal requirement to leave the ship, all people were tested and 14 positive cases were detected among the crew, “all vaccinated and asymptomatic”, which were removed to hotel units in the city.

Subsequently, explained Commander Vieira Branco, on December 30, another 38 cases were detected, bringing to a total of 52 crew members infected with covid-19. .

The captain of the port of Lisbon and local commander of the Lisbon Maritime Police said that the ship’s plan would be to leave Lisbon on December 30, heading for Funchal, on the island of Madeira, which ended up being made impossible by the national health authorities.

According to Commander Vieira Branco, the health authority also determined that departures from the ship for crew and passengers were prohibited and, during the night of the 30th, an assessment of the situation on board was carried out.

“This morning, after the global assessment, the health authority determined that the 38 could disembark, which happened in the late afternoon. Also in view of being asymptomatic, they were disembarked to hotel units”, he added.

He added that, at the end of the morning, health authorities determined that “there was no need to maintain the restriction for other passengers and crew who were negative to board”, and restrictions on the departure of the cruise ship were also lifted.

“Right now, the ship does not have any limitations on the movement of passengers and crew on board, they are all negative, and on the departure of the ship”, he guaranteed.

However, and according to Captain Vieira Branco, the ship’s owner decided to remain in the port of Lisbon until January 2, 2022, with departure scheduled for that day, at 18:00, to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, in Spain.

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