Coronavirus is spreading around the world putting some hospital services in crisis


The year 2022 began with news that the Omicron variant of Coronavíorus continues to spread across the world and that the increase in cases will cause difficulties for hospitals in some countries.

In England the Executive Director of the National Health Service, Mathew Taylor said the Omicron variant “will test the limits of the services’ capacity” and warned that hospitals will be forced to make “tough choices” in admissions due to the growing number of cases of COVID with the omicron variant.

The number of patients with COVID admitted in one day to British hospitals rose from 11,452 cases on Thursday to 12,395 on Friday. In total in Great Britain, 189,846 cases were registered as of Friday.

India’s health minister announced 22,775 new cases of Coronavirus today adding that the number of cases of the Omicron variant is now 1,431.

Indian official entities warn however that these numbers may be lower than reality.

Russia reported 847 COVID-19 deaths in the last 24 hours. Reuters said Russia is now the second country with more COVID deaths after the United States.

France said 3,543 people are now receiving treatment in intensive care units.

President Emanuel Macron said in his New Year’s speech that the coming weeks will be difficult for France due to the increase in COVID cases, but Macron said the country is in a better position than a year ago due to the increase in vaccinated people

The good news is that a study in Great Britain indicates that the risk of hospitalization for people infected with the Omicron variant is only a third compared to those infected with the Delta variant.

The United Arab Emirates announced that they are going to prohibit unvaccinated citizens from going abroad from the next 10th.

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