Covid: How South America Goes from Pandemic Epicenter to Vaccination Leader | World

Covid: How South America Goes from Pandemic Epicenter to Vaccination Leader | World
Covid: How South America Goes from Pandemic Epicenter to Vaccination Leader | World

Since Covid-19 patient deaths began to be recorded, there have been 2,740 deaths per million population in South America, according to the Our World in Data database.

In the United States, there were 2,450; in Europe, 2,000; and in Asia, 267.

The peak of daily deaths throughout the pandemic also occurred in South America, with an average of 10.85 per million population in April of this year.

However, the subcontinent ends 2021 with an auspicious fact: it has the highest rate of vaccination against the coronavirus, with 63.4% of its population completely immunized (with two doses or a single dose, according to the requirement of each vaccine) and 74.3% of its 434 million inhabitants with at least one dose, according to official data released by the Pan-American Health Organization until last Thursday (23/12).

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In addition, from December 17 to 23, the region had a daily average of 0.7 deaths per million inhabitants, six times less than Europe or the United States, according to the platform Our World in Data.

Europe is the second region with the most people fully immunized, a percentage of 60.5%, while another 4.2% of the population is partially vaccinated.

North America appears in third place, with 59.6% of the 500 million inhabitants of Mexico, the United States and Canada with complete vaccination, and those who took at least one dose totaled 71.4% until last Thursday .

The Caribbean has, in turn, 43% of the population with complete immunization and 49% with at least one dose, while in Central America, these percentages are 42% and 54%, respectively.

The American continent as a whole has 59.7% of the population vaccinated with two doses (or a single dose), 70.8% with at least one dose and 10.6% with booster doses.

Oceania has 58% of its population immunized with two doses, and Asia, 55%. Finally, comes Africa, with only 8.8% of its inhabitants having completed the vaccination process.

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The best placed countries

The country with the best vaccination rate in South America is Chile, where 85.6% of the population received the complete immunization program. There, children from 3 years old can get the vaccine.

Then appear Uruguay (76.6%), Argentina (76.5%), Ecuador (69.1%) and Brazil (65.7%).

In the worst conditions are Guyana, Bolivia and Suriname, with a rate of less than 40%.

Although two countries in South America — Chile and Uruguay — record high levels of booster vaccination (52.7% and 42.7%, respectively), the average for the subcontinent is considerably lower (8.8%).

Europe is the continent with the highest number of booster doses applied (21.5%).

In North America, 13.4% of the population received the booster dose.

Oceania (5%) and Asia (4%) are the regions where the least third dose was administered, except for Africa, where the application of the booster has been insignificant.

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