After an outbreak of covid-19, Anvisa recommends suspension of cruise season – Health

After an outbreak of covid-19, Anvisa recommends suspension of cruise season – Health
After an outbreak of covid-19, Anvisa recommends suspension of cruise season – Health

After the covid-19 outbreak between passengers and crew of two cruises on the Brazilian coast, a National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) recommended to Ministry of Health the temporary suspension of the cruise ship season. The recommendation was made this Friday, 31, until there is more data available to assess the epidemiological scenario.

The recommendation was forwarded to the Ministry, which is the competent body together with the Ministries of Justice and Public Safety e of Infrastructure to decide whether or not to stop activities. Until the final decision, the operations remain authorized, as long as they comply with the established sanitary rules and under the agency’s supervision.

Anvisa had already suspended the activities of two cruises this Friday: the Costa Diadema, which was docked in Salvador (BA), and MSC Splendida, in the Port of Santos (SP). The two total 122 positive cases of covid-19, between passengers and crew.

The agency’s recommendation is based on the current epidemiological scenario, which has worsened since the arrival of the Ômicron variant in Brazil. In the recommendation, the agency emphasizes that the data available so far indicate that the strain has the potential to spread faster than other variants and that it may escape the protection of vaccines against covid-19.

Anvisa also cited the decision of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, its acronym in English), which on Thursday increased the level of warning of contagion of the virus Sars-Cov-2 in travel. “The CDC, as of yesterday, 12/30, updated the “COVID-19 Travel Health Notice” alert level from 3 to 4, the highest possible level, which reflects the increase in cases aboard cruise ships since the identification of the Ômicron variant,” he said in a statement.

The recommendation also considered that, even in view of the elaboration of Operational Plans for the resumption of the cruise season in the scope of municipalities and states, difficulties imposed by local entities have been observed in view of the need for eventual landings of positive cases for Covid-19 in their territories. The aforementioned plans establish the conditions for health care for passengers disembarked in their territories and for the local execution of epidemiological surveillance.

The resumption of cruise ship operations for the 2021/2022 season was authorized on October 5 of this year, in an epidemiological setting prior to the worldwide notification on the identification of the new variant of concern, Ômicron, which was reported for the first time to the World Health Organization (WHO) on 24 November.

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