Cruise held up at the Port of Lisbon due to a covid-19 outbreak that affected 52 crew members

An outbreak of covid-19 was detected on the cruise ship Aidanova, which had to cancel the trip to Funchal, with more than 4000 people on board, and remain at the Lisbon Cruise Terminal, where it was held up on Thursday. The news was advanced by CNN Portugal and meanwhile confirmed to RTP by the commander of the Port of Lisbon, Vieira Branco. So far, 52 cases of infection have been confirmed, none of them of Portuguese nationality.

All positive cases were vaccinated and are “asymptomatic or with mild symptoms”, having been transported to a hotel in Lisbon, where they will undergo quarantine, assured Vieira Branco to RTP. Fourteen were detected as early as Wednesday, when the ship docked from A Coruña, Spain, and later 38 more. “Right now, as far as is known, there are no infected people on board,” said the captain.

The current rules in force require the presentation of a negative test to covid-19 to abandon the boat, which, according to the responsible for the port, happens to all passengers (2844) and crew (there were 1353 on Wednesday). Furthermore, there is no additional limitation.

DGS follows the case

Speaking to CNN Portugal, Graça Freitas confirmed that, “in fact, cases were detected” in the cruise’s crew. “We know about this case and we are following it”, guaranteed the director-general of Health.

Graça Freitas said that those infected “are doing well from a clinical point of view” and added that “there is an isolation strategy” for those who tested positive and for risky contacts.

The DGS official explained that those infected aboard the Aidanova “may eventually go out to do the isolation on land, if this is done with total safety conditions”, but “if there are conditions, the isolation can also be done on board”.

Graça Freitas assures that “at this moment the evolution is positive” and stressed that “the ship has been very cooperative in the sense of accepting what the health authorities have decided”.

Aidanova headed to Funchal

According to the Port of Lisbon website, the ship, built in Germany and sailing under the Italian flag at the service of the company AIDA Cruises, entered the Port of Lisbon at 4:29 am on Wednesday and has a scheduled departure date, to Lanzarote, in the Canaries, at 6 pm on Sunday.

Aidanova was getting ready to make a stopover in Funchal, to watch the New Year’s fireworks. He had planned to travel to Madeira on Thursday, at 5 pm, but the trip was not authorized “because the situation was still under evaluation”, explained Vieira Branco. At the moment there is “no limitation” to leaving the port, but the shipowner decided to extend his stay in Lisbon from two to five days.

News updated at 20h

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