President makes statement with balance of government actions

President Jair Bolsonaro made a statement on the national radio and television network this Friday (31) in which he returned to take a stand against the vaccination passport. The president also said that children between 5 and 11 years old must be immunized against covid-19 with parental consent and medical prescription.

“We do not support the vaccination passport, nor any restriction on those who do not wish to be vaccinated,” he said. respected.” He also recalled the distribution of 380 million doses of vaccine against covid-19 this year. ebc.gif?id=1434799&o=node


The president highlighted that the federal government provided “billion-dollar resources for states and municipalities to prepare themselves to face the pandemic” and returned to criticizing governors and mayors for policies to close trade and restrict circulation.

“With the policy of many governors and mayors to close businesses, decree lockdown and curfew, the economic crash just didn’t become a reality because we created Pronampe [Programa Nacional de Apoio às Microempresas e Empresas de Pequeno Porte] and the good [Benefício Emergencial de Manutenção do Emprego e da Renda]”, said the president, who added that these measures ensured the preservation of more than 11 million jobs.

Emergency Assistance was also mentioned in the statement. The president stated that 68 million people benefited from the program and the total paid in 2020 alone was equivalent to 13 years of spending on the Bolsa Família program.

Economy and infrastructure

Jair Bolsonaro stated that the year ends with a positive balance of 3 million new jobs and 5 million open companies. “Interrupting a series of half a decade with negative balances”, he commented.

The president highlighted the approval of the Law on Economic Freedom and the simplification of regulatory rules. Jair Bolsonaro highlighted the advances in infrastructure, with the new works started by the government, the completion of works by previous governments, such as the transposition of the São Francisco River and the reinsertion of the railway modal in the country.

“We brought peace of mind to the countryside, made the possession and carrying of firearms more flexible for citizens and began investing in Brazil and no longer abroad with multi-million-dollar projects financed by BNDES [Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social]”, completed.

For 2022, the president said that, in the area of ​​infrastructure, there are already more than BRL 800 billion contracted by the private sector that should guarantee the generation of millions of jobs. “This is proof that we have won the trust of investors, both Brazilians and foreigners, which will also make it possible to reduce inflation, a consequence of the mistaken policy of ‘Stay at home. We’ll see the economy later’”.

The president spoke of the payment of Auxílio Brasil with a minimum value of R$400, which should help 17 million families, and added that, during his administration, more than 1.2 million homes were delivered through the Casa Verde Amarela program.


Regarding the intense rains that hit Bahia and the north of the state of Minas Gerais, the president said that, since the beginning of the disaster, he determined that the Minister of Citizenship, João Roma, and the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, should provide support total to the residents of the affected municipalities.

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