Questions for 2022: New Bank Sold? Prices retreat? Interests go up? These and 47 more questions in the economy

In the select club of startups valued at more than one billion dollars (about €880 million) there are five ‘unicorns’ and one ‘ex-unicorn’, Farfetch, which made its initial public offering in 2018, founded by Portuguese ( if they are Portuguese companies, that is another story). It is very possible that Portugal will have more unicorns in 2022, with some companies preparing to do so, such as (formerly DefinedCrowd) and Unbabel. For that, it would help to maintain, or increase, the money invested by venture capital funds in the European ecosystem: in 2021 it broke all records, reaching the 100 billion dollars (€88 billion) invested in technological startups in the Old Continent, according to data from the European venture capital firm Atomico.

There are no absolute guarantees of anything, but the perception is that there is more scope now to avoid big risks. João Rendeiro runs the risk of being extradited to serve in Portugal the conviction for his acts at the BPP, which he left in 2008, while Ricardo Salgado faces justice for his acts until 2014, the year in which BES fell. Alongside BPN, in 2008, the three major banking cases became police cases. Supervision, now headed by the European Central Bank, responded to these situations — and others at the international level — by tightening the rules, forcing would-be bankers to pass more demanding scrutiny. In addition, it has given greater strength and responsibility to Organs internal inspection bodies.

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Questions Bank Sold Prices retreat Interests questions economy

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