New taxes in 2022. How much will the increase in fees be?

New taxes in 2022. How much will the increase in fees be?
New taxes in 2022. How much will the increase in fees be?

The most important changes in taxes in 2022 are those related to the introduction of the Polish Deal. This assumes an increase in the tax-free amount, an increase by 40 percent. tax threshold and no income tax for people receiving the minimum wage. Tax-free allowance will be raised to 30,000 zloty. According to the government, on the increase in the tax-free amount, eight million retirees will benefit.

It will increase the tax-free amount from 8 to 30 thousand. PLN is also intended to prevent people earning up to PLN 2,500 a month from paying tax at all. At the same time, the real health insurance premium paid will increase, amounting to 9%. However, it will no longer be partially tax-deductible. The Polish order also introduces many concessions, the most important of which is the so-called middle class relief.

Another change related to taxes in 2022 is growth pay minimum. Minimum salary for work will amount to PLN 3,010. Therefore, it will be higher than the amount in force in 2021 by PLN 210. The government has also set a minimum hourly wage for certain civil contracts. This will be PLN 1.40 higher than in 2021 and will be exactly PLN 19.70 gross.

The increase in the minimum wage means significant changes in taxes. How will contributions for employees change? From January 1, for full-time employees remunerated at the level of the minimum wage, the employer will pay social and health insurance contributions, as well as contributions to the FP, CF and FGŚP at least from PLN 3,010 in each calendar month. This means a greater amount of these contributions. And so ZUS contributions financed by the employer will increase by PLN 43.02, and employee-financed social security contributions will be higher by PLN 28.08.

In the new year, Poles are waiting gigantic price increases for electricity and gas. Household gas bills will increase by more than 50 percent, while electricity prices will soar by about 24 percent. These increases, at least in early 2022, are to be felt less thanks to anti-inflationary shield. The government included in it, inter alia, the abolition of the excise duty on electricity, and from January to March VAT will be reduced on it and on natural gas.

Staying with the price increases for electricity, it is impossible not to mention higher power fee. This ensures constant electricity supply and energy security. The capacity fee is to finance the construction of new power plants and the modernization of the existing ones. Compared to the previous year, the base rate for households will increase by about 26 percent.

So is the anti-inflationary shield help packages. Among them, the reduction in fuel prices, which has been going on since December 20 and will last five months. Aid packages also include cash within cover accessory. This one is intended for households whose monthly income does not exceed PLN 2,100 or PLN 1,500 per person in a multi-person household. Among the provisions of the anti-inflationary shield, savings in public administration and the budget as well as were planned compensatory allowance.

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