Tesla withdraws 675,000 cars in China and the US – International

Tesla withdraws 675,000 cars in China and the US – International
Tesla withdraws 675,000 cars in China and the US – International

Electric car giant Tesla will make another smooth removal of vehicles because of “potentially” defective trunks on two models in China and the United States, a move that has put the issue of reliability back on the table.

Chinese regulators announced the withdrawal of nearly 200,000 cars this Friday (31), hours after the US regulator for automotive safety said that Tesla was withdrawing 475,000 vehicles from the market.

The most affected model is the best-selling Model 3. Tesla indicates that “repeatedly opening and closing the trunk door” can “cause excessive wear to the coaxial cable” connected to the rear view camera, which could cause that the camera was not available to the driver.

The other car involved is the luxurious Model S. One of the trunk latches is misaligned with the front of the car and could “unexpectedly open and obstruct the driver’s view”.

Tesla estimates that 1% of Model 3 and 14% of Model S retired in the United States will have this manufacturing defect. The brand highlighted that this possible defect did not cause any known accidents or injuries.

Large-scale recalls to overhaul vehicles are not uncommon in the auto industry: Volkswagen recalled 8.5 million cars in 2015 after the Dieselgate scandal; A defect in the airbags also led to the recall of at least 100 million vehicles of all brands and the bankruptcy of airbag manufacturer Takata.

In the case of Tesla, this recall for review represents at least a quarter of the vehicles produced by the young giant of electric cars, without the total number of production for 2022 being known yet.



Tesla withdraws cars China International

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