INSS: payroll-deductible credit limit returns to 35% of the benefit

After being in effect for nine months, the expansion of the payroll loan margin for retirees and pensioners of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) comes to an end and will return to 35% of the benefit, as of this Saturday, January 1, 2022.

In April 2020, the provisional measure that increased the margin to 40% came into effect, as a way of facilitating access to credit due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. The expansion ended on December 30, the last bank day of the year, and it is not expected to be extended.ebc.gif?id=1434260&o=node

Payroll-deductible credit is credit granted with automatic deduction from the payroll. As a guarantee of direct discount on salary or benefit, this type of personal credit operation is one of those that offer the lowest interest rates on the market.

The consignable margin is precisely the maximum percentage of income that can be used to repay these loans. For example, if the benefit or pension paid is R$3,000, the maximum amount that can be discounted monthly would be R$1,050 (35%).

According to the rules, 5% of the consignable funds must be used exclusively for withdrawal or amortization of credit card expenses, a percentage already foreseen and which will follow the same. The remainder (30%) is for personal loan with account credit.

In addition to the payroll-deductible margin, the maximum number of loan installments will also be reduced from 84 months (7 years) to 72 months (6 years). The rule that reduced the grace period for retirees or pensioners to apply for a new payroll loan after contracting a previous one is also no longer valid. As a result, in January, this minimum period is back to 90 days.

How to consult

To consult the debit balance of the payroll loan and also information about the consignable margin, the beneficiary can directly access the website or the Meu INSS application. The insured must have a password registered on the platform. Access is via CPF and password. After accessing the My INSS, the interested party must look for a loan statement that the information is provided.


INSS payrolldeductible credit limit returns benefit

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