‘Alarming’ numbers prohibit Feira de Espinho from non-food goods

‘Alarming’ numbers prohibit Feira de Espinho from non-food goods
‘Alarming’ numbers prohibit Feira de Espinho from non-food goods

The Espinho weekly fair is suspended for non-food and perishable goods next Monday as a result of exceptional measures related to covid-19. The Chamber justifies that the numbers of new infections are “effectively alarming”.

A recent order from the autarchy determined the closure of several services and activities until January 9th. Among the measures announced is a ban on the sale of all products and goods that are not food or perishable at the weekly fair in Espinho, one of the largest in the country.

To JN, the City Council justifies that the numbers registered daily, after Christmas, “have been quite high and show a clear and worrying worsening of the pandemic situation in the municipality”.

Last Wednesday, December 29, “more positive cases were registered than in the whole week after Christmas last year”, he recalls. “The numbers are actually alarming and would justify, by themselves, the adoption of exceptional preventive measures”, argues the autarchy.

The fair is an activity that brings a very significant number of people from outside the municipality to Espinho “to a space where it is not possible to control access or testing or guarantee a maximum limit of people per square meter”, says the municipality.

“We cannot ignore either that Espinho has the second highest aging rate in the entire Porto Metropolitan Area (…) and we have been aware of difficulties in the capacity to monitor positive cases and identify risky contacts”.

Asked about possible compensation to merchants, the Chamber makes it known that, in addition to the natural exemption from the fees corresponding to the period in which the activity of fairs will be suspended, it has already expressed “availability to, after the peak of this new wave, dialogue with merchants to find support and compensation mechanisms”.

The activities of the Revenda fair and the Hairy fair are also suspended. All cultural facilities in the Municipality of Espinho were also closed; sports equipment in the Municipality of Espinho, except for training periods and official competitions, among other measures.


Alarming numbers prohibit Feira Espinho nonfood goods

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