High penalties for influencers. UOKiK ordered them to pay 740 thousand. zlotys

UOKiK stated that entrepreneurs Mateusz Gużda, Zbigniew Lemański and Bartłomiej Żukiewicz promoted prohibited pyramid-type promotional systems and imposed fines on them in the total amount of approximately PLN 740 thousand. PLN – the anti-monopoly office informed in a press release.

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“The FutureNet portal and the FutureAdPro advertising platform were run by FUTURENET UKRAINE from Lviv and BCU Trading from Dubai. They promised remuneration for introducing new people and persuading them to buy participation packages or statuses. The President of UOKiK warned about them already in March 2019, and in July 2020 issued a decision in which he considered them illegal pyramid-type promotional systems, ”informed UOKiK.

“The NetLeaders network, on the other hand, is an initiative of CL Singapore, which introduces the DasCoin cryptocurrency to the market. The company offered licenses that cost from EUR 100 to EUR 25,000. euro and promised profits for persuading other people to donate money. The President of UOKiK warned about it in March 2019, and in December 2019 issued a decision in which he decided that it was a pyramid-type promotional system, “the release stated.

Severe penalties

As stated, the President of UOKiK sees “the important role of the so-called touts “in promoting this type of systems. It was recalled that in Poland youtuber Damian Żukiewicz (Investprovider) was the first to be fined for promoting such systems, who was fined PLN 437,000 a year ago. zloty. UOKiK added that in March 2021, accusations were faced by other entrepreneurs, and the proceedings confirmed that they promoted financial pyramids.

As a result, he was punished Mateusz Gużda, who until September 2020 ran a business under the name of “iPrime Consulting” Mateusz Gużda from Kluczbork and who was the “global ambassador” of DasCoin / NetLeaders. According to UOKiK, the entrepreneur promoted this system at various events and in the media, for which a fine of almost 510,000 was imposed on him. zloty.

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UOKiK also imposed a fine on Zbigniew Lemański, music, who until 2012 ran a business under the name Lemański Zbigniew “Leman Records” in Będzin, and after its formal closure, he continued to practice the profession on his own behalf and on his own account. According to the antimonopoly office, Lemański promoted the FutureNet and FutureAdPro systems. He was, inter alia, author and performer of the songs “My Futurenet” and “Clicking on advertisements”. He ran the drhajs.pl website, where he encouraged people to participate in promoted projects. He was fined with over 90,000. zloty.

The third entrepreneur fined by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is Bartłomiej Żukiewicz conducting (suspended) activity under the name of Bartłomiej Żukiewicz Investment from Wrocław. According to the office, FutureNet, FutureAdPro and NetLeaders promoted through online entries, YouTube recordings and participation in events, incl. he instructed on how to set up an account there and tempted with the promise of high earnings and free trips. It was imposed on him fine of nearly PLN 140,000 zloty.


“In addition to financial sanctions, entrepreneurs must publish statements on the questioned practices and decisions of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection on their websites and social media profiles: YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. In total, the President of UOKiK has already issued 4 decisions against the so-called beaters for pyramid systems. The financial penalties imposed therein amount to over PLN 1 million in total, ”said the UOKiK’s announcement.

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