ZUS almost like Pegasus. From January, it can track Poles on a sick leave

ZUS almost like Pegasus. From January, it can track Poles on a sick leave
ZUS almost like Pegasus. From January, it can track Poles on a sick leave

On January 1, 2022, changes to the Act on the Social Insurance System and some other acts will come into force, which will affect the rules for receiving sickness benefits.

Among other things, the time of receiving sickness benefit by people who have lost their job will change. So far it has been 182 days, but in the new year it will be reduced to just 91 days. However, nothing will change in the case of incapacity for work due to pregnancy or tuberculosis – in these cases, employees will still be able to count on 270 days of sickness benefit.

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Sick leave under the scrutiny of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Inspections from January 2022

The Social Insurance Institution will be able to control employees who are on sick leave, for example, find out whether a person employed in two companies and on sick leave in one of them does not work in the other at that time.

People who receive relatively high welfare benefits or who stay on L4 for more than 30 days may be especially targeted. The range of powers has been extended to include additional inspections, including the possibility of appointing and interrogating witnesses, reports Rynekzdrowia.pl.

For example, a spouse or neighbors, friends may be asked by ZUS whether during L4 the sick person did not perform activities that were prohibited at that time, e.g. renovation. ZUS employees will also be able to check the phone and social network login, and when a sick person went on vacation during L4, ZUS will be able to apply to a travel agency, for example, with a request to provide the data where the person is staying.

The new regulations also assume that a 60-day break in receiving the allowance will be needed to renew the right to paid absenteeism. During this time, the employee must return to practice. The amount of the allowance for hospital stay will increase from the current 70 percent. the basis of the allowance assessment up to 80% In addition, women who give birth to a child after the end of insurance coverage, if it expired due to the death of the employer, will be entitled to maternity benefit.

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