Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Wirtualna Polska – Everything important
Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

The year 2022 brings drastic increases in electricity and gas bills. The bad news doesn’t stop there, however. The first meeting of the Monetary Policy Council has been accelerated. Everything indicates that the MPC wants to raise interest rates. This will mean higher loan installments. The decision, which will be like a sentence for many Poles, will be made on January 4.

For several months, Poland has been facing high inflation, which was initially underestimated by the president of the National Bank of Poland and the government. Only the last few weeks have brought concrete measures – for example in the form of raising interest rates and introducing an anti-inflationary shield.

However, 2022 will bring a further rise in prices. For example, due to the more expensive energy and gas – from January, rates will go up by 24 and 54 percent . This will drive inflation, which is why the Monetary Policy Council has decided to act.

Loan installments will become more expensive again. The verdict will be announced on January 4

The MPC sped up its first meeting in 2022 and will meet on January 4. According to experts, this is a clear signal that interest rates will be raised once again in the recent period . Interestingly, this will happen before the release of the data on inflation in December by the Central Statistical Office.


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