check out the top 5 releases in 2021

check out the top 5 releases in 2021
check out the top 5 releases in 2021

It wasn’t just Anitta that Nubank lived this year. As one of the largest digital banks in the world, roxinho has transformed itself and brought many new features to its customers. Thus, from the entry on the stock exchange to the arrival of Nubank Ultravioleta, several functions and various services were launched from the beginning of the year until this month of December. So, below, check out Nubank’s Top 5 Releases in 2021!

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1. Ultraviolet Nubank

In July of this year, Nubank launched its newest card: Nubank Ultravioleta, a premium category credit card with an innovative design, made of metal and with exclusive benefits – such as instant cashback that grows at 200% of the CDI. Nubank Ultravioleta is a Mastercard Black card, that is, it also accumulates the benefits of the brand, and becomes the long-awaited “black card” by fintech.

2. Easynvest se torna Nu invest

In August, Nubank announced the last step regarding the acquisition of Easynvest: the full integration of the service to the startup. As a result, Easynvest was officially renamed Nu invest. The digital bank purchased the investment platform in June this year. Therefore, customers can access and invest in different products, from fixed income to variable income.

3. Direct investments in the Nubank app

It is now possible to make investments in Nubank directly through the app. Yes, the same app you already use to control all your other products can also be used to make investments. And the best: being able to invest from R$1. For now, clients can invest in three investment funds, in shares, BDRs and ETFs, and in CDBs. The option launched in December is initially available to some customers.

4. IPO and listing on the Stock Exchange

On December 9, Nubank officially entered the Stock Exchange with one of the largest IPOs in history in terms of number of investors; and the largest in Brazil in retail investors. From there, customers can make investments in fintech, buying shares through BDRs. About 7.5 million people accepted a BDR free of charge by NuSócios.

5. Marketplace do roxinho

In December, Nubank also announced a great new feature to its customers: the shopping function. That is, you can shop at multiple stores, starting with the process within the Nubank app; and with access to exclusive benefits and discounts through partnerships with some of the biggest brands and retailers in Brazil. Know more!

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Image: Diego Thomazini / (with editing).

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