‘Forget Axie Infinity and check out the 6 best metaverse cryptocurrencies that could rise 200% in 2022’, says analyst

As the year 2022 begins, cryptocurrency analysts are turning their eyes to the huge market for cryptocurrencies. play-to-earn style metaverse games that created a big trend in late 2021.

One of these analysts is Frederick Irwin, a specialist in cryptocurrencies, who through a post on Medium described the 6 metaverse games he believes are great. potential in 2022 and whose native tokens are also expected to follow the rise of platforms and rise by 200% in the year.

The first game on the analyst’s list is The Sandbox (SAND) which he believes people they haven’t even come close to realizing its full potential with respect to a project.

“General alpha hasn’t even been released yet. So we’re still about a week away from alpha, which will be the biggest event for the project in a long, long time. to NFT collections based on the volume of business in the last seven days,” he said.

According to him, this brand shows the potential of SAND as there are still many things to be launched in January 2022 and, although the token has already gone up more than 1,000% since its launch, it is still relatively early to buy the cryptocurrency.

“I’ve invested in Sandbox, but for those who are looking closely at the project it’s not too late. The general market capitalization statistics are still in more than half of the statistics for projects like Axie Infinity. This offers a lot more potential for growth, and I think that there are a lot of bigger names involved in a project like Sandbox, just leading to a lot more earning potential to easily surpass AXS,” he said.

Illuvium e My Neighbour Alice

In second place, the analyst places the Illuvium (ILV) which, according to him, is currently far from being a metaverse like The Sandbox but that is exactly what makes it attractive to investors.

“As for a project, it doesn’t even have a billion dollar market capitalization, which is fantastic and says a lot about the project’s potential. before the game’s release in the first quarter of 2022.

However, according to him, for 2022 the ILV will have land sales along with the release of versions of its platform, which will capitalize on the token in a very strong way, as there is a lot of hype surrounding the project.

The third project on the trader’s list is My Neighbour Alice (ALICE), which he says by taking animals to the metaverse is focused on a niche with enormous potential, but making a high-risk bet.

“When we look at the overall token, the token has gone up 28% recently and is still nowhere near its all-time high based on where it was in March. That lets me see where the biggest resistance really is in this project. it has a lot more potential, and when you look at the market capitalization at $701,700,650, it’s even smaller than products like Illuvium,” he said.

He also highlights that the game has not yet been released, which should happen in the first quarter of 2022, and thus, when users start to enter the game, the ALICE token will start to show its potential.

Ultra, Netvrk e Star Atlas

Ultra (UOS) is not particularly a metaverse game but is intended to be a sort of Steam of metaverse games, providing a blockchain version for games to run trial versions of their platforms and thereby test features and gameplay.

“It really does offer a lot of potential advantages when you look at some of the fees compared to Apple and Google. The market capitalization is just over 600 million compared to many of their other types of metaverse projects,” he says.

So, according to him, this actually has a lot more potential for growth and easily has the opportunity to go to the $5 to $10 token.

“Since the Ultra is a game hosting platform, if one or two specific games might not be successful, the platform itself can still be very successful, regardless of some of the games that might be there,” he says.

In fifth place is Netvrk (NTVRK), which is a project focused on Virtual Reality and which is taking a new path that is still unknown for most of the market.

“If we can really see the general frontier for really revolutionary VR and virtual reality and continue to expand into the next year, this is a type of project that has a multiple X opportunity. instead of VR”, he points out.

Therefore, he points out that when we look at Netvrk, we will also see that it has a market capitalization below US$ 200 million, although its token has shown strong appreciation in the past and this indicates that as the game proves its potential, the cryptoactive must rise like a rocket.

Finally he nominates the Star Atlas (ATLAS) which has fantastic graphics but will not have its fully functional platform in 2022.

“You never know what might happen in the next three to four years. That’s where the risk involves Star Atlas. That said, there’s a lot of enthusiasm within the project, and that risk hasn’t stopped the token from constantly pumping,” he said.

He points out that as Star Atlas gameplay is released and if it lives up to market expectations it could become not the most popular game out there in the blockchain universe.


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