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Wirtualna Polska – Everything important
Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

Inflation has not yet said the last word, just like the NBP, which will have to bring heavy action in the form of interest rate hikes to fight it. Economists forecast that in 2022 the main interest rate will increase to at least 3%. Monthly loan installments can increase by up to several hundred zlotys, which may be unsustainable for some.

Everything indicates that 2022 will be a turbulent time in the Polish economy. Probably she will be braking. New challenges also await citizens who they will still have to be careful about managing the household budget .

It will also have to be added to the rising cost of living higher costs related to loan repayment . This applies to several million Poles. The increase in installments will be funded by the National Bank of Poland (NBP), which wants to fight the highest inflation in 20 years by raising interest rates and interest rates on loans.

Only in the last three months, the main NBP interest rate increased from 0.1 to 1.75 percent.


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